Obama attends World Cup Finals in 2010.

13 Jan


A rare photo of young Obama on the ball.


Today, President Barack Obama attended the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa and tomorrow he travels to Cape Town for the United States opening game against Iran. In a clear message to the world, the American President hailed soccer as the true global game, and a powerful force for healing. His suggestion that world conflicts be settled over 90 minutes of soccer has been met with astonishment by American sports media who preferred the settling of conflicts via the usual American sports lexicon – throwing bombs at the end zone, firing at the strike zone and slam dunking the enemy. Old enemies are agreeing to end their conflicts by playing against each other. Palestine will meet Israel after the Finals, the Taleban FA has agreed to a game against a NATO select, and Scotland will play England to decide if the Scots will remain part of the United Kingdom. Penalty shootouts will decide the match ups, if a stalemate results after 90 minutes. Balls will be used, not bullets.


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