Beware the Flying Donut Brigades

4 Mar


While watching a kids game of soccer at the weekend, I witnessed an act of pastry murder. An irate mom threw a missile on to the field. For a split second, I thought an asteroid was about to hit planet earth but it turned out to be a cream stuffed donut. It made a mighty splodge. The referee arrived at the impact site and yelled, who threw that? WHO THREW THAT! He was met with a wall of smiling mothers, nary a trace of cream filled donut on their rosy red lips. A dog wandered on to the field and ate the shattered pastry, destroying any evidence the ref may have wished to collect for the league’s investigators.


One Response to “Beware the Flying Donut Brigades”

  1. graham March 13, 2009 at 3:26 pm #

    Holy shit that is a funny story

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