The Death of My Team

25 Mar


Clyde FC are my team. The Bully Wee is their nickname. We play in the First Division in Scotland. We’re 132 years old, one of the oldest clubs in the world. Our glory days were in the 1950’s. In the eighties, we lost our home, Shawfield Stadium in Rutherglen, Glasgow. We moved to a barren stadium in Central Scotland. The results have been disastrous. Now we are facing extinction, possibly heading to the boneyard of Scottish football. We’re almost as old as Noah in the Bible. And we need an ark, and we need it now.

Clyde are the latest victims of the monsters in Scottish football – Rangers and Celtic. Content to throttle dissent and keep up their sectarian derived profits, they continue to rake in new generations of fans with their febrile animosity. They never share, except amongst themselves. People think Rangers and Celtic hate each other but they are really lovers sharing the same bed, for over a century. Rangers and Celtic are one. It’s time to change the sheets.

Here’s the pathetic ad I posted to Craigslist in California, asking for an ark…

Are you a soccer fan billionaire looking to invest in European soccer? Perhaps you are Scottish American? Do you wish to become part of the European soccer elites?

Clyde Football Club are a professional Scottish soccer club facing economic extinction. Founded in 1877, Clyde are one of the oldest clubs in the world. The team moved from its home, Shawfield Stadium in Glasgow, in the 1980’s and it proved disastrous. Clyde needs to return to its home. The investor should buy Shawfield (it’s still there!), rebuild it and buy a team that will attract new fans and change the face of Scottish soccer for decades to come. Scottish soccer is in the dark ages, throttled by the sectarian monsters of Rangers and Celtic.  Are you our Beowulf? This is a chance to sweep them away. It’s a ten year plan. You can change Scottish society. Change a country!

Clyde needs you!

Please contact


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