World Saved From North Korean Nuclear War

17 Jun


North Korea have qualified for next year’s soccer World Cup Finals in South Africa ending the possibility of a nuclear confrontation on the Korean peninsula. No country will threaten its chance of glory at the world’s biggest event. The corks are popping in Pyongyang and cheering could be heard across the DMZ in Korea, the world’s most dangerous stand-off. North Korea’s qualification comes at the expense of Iran, who will not be at next year’s Finals. Centrifuges could be heard spinning in Tehran after news of North Korea’s qualification came through. Expect a draw down of troops in the Asian theater but longer stays in Iraq. Israel has an outside chance of qualification. Let’s pray that they make it.

North Korea’s qualification sets up the enticing possibility of a match up with the United States. Here is an opportunity for President Obama to meet Kim Jong-Il, and allow the outcome of the game to settle the conflict once and for all. If America loses, they leave Korea. If the Koreans go down, hand over the nuclear bombs now! Is there a better way?

The last time North Korea qualified for the World Cup Finals was in 1966 in England, when they impressed the world with their all-out attack style of play, reaching the quarter-finals. In that historic game against European power-house Portugal, the Koreans gave up a 3-0 lead at half-time, to finally lose 5-3. The long bus journey back to North Korea was filled with the singing of patriotic songs, and endless cans of warm English beer.

Check out the highlights of North Korea’s 1966 classic game against Portugal. Vintage stuff.

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One Response to “World Saved From North Korean Nuclear War”

  1. Ashton March 28, 2014 at 6:05 am #

    The groups in Group D are pushing honey up hill from the very first whistle and
    for any of them to get the 2010 World Cup would be a notably Herculean effort.
    Germany should leading the group and go as far as the semis.
    They provide the most full package deal of the groups in this team, but with
    this degree of opposition, their margin for error is slim.
    This leaves Australia, Ghana and Serbia to slug
    it out for the next spot to the elimination spherical.
    This group will be a melee but, when the dust settles count on Australia to nudge their way by means of.

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