USA -True Grit Sinks Spanish Armada

25 Jun


(left) – Armada sunk by the Yanks

True Grit, wasn’t that a Duke Wayne movie? Well, we know he spent World War 2 on a yacht drinking martinis, and someone had to, but his tough guy persona on the big screen was replicated by eleven Americans today in South Africa, in the soccer Confederations Cup. Spain, the royalty of the world soccer empire, had their crown knocked off by a gutsy bunch of Yanks, unwilling to bend the knee to soccer Kings. Unbeaten in 35 games, with a win record of 14 straight, the Spanish Armada was finally sunk by the red, white and blue.

What we saw today was a foreshadowing. At some point in the future, the USA will be the best soccer team in the world, and win the World Cup. That will be the day when an extra star could be added to the flag, the star of the “international” state. (Shut up! John Wayne will shoot you for that, you Scottish ninny!)

It’s patriotic to support the national US team. To show the world that the USA can beat the world with its version of the beautiful game. On to the Final on Sunday. Bring the Cup home boys. Tune in to ESPN.


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