Pax Soccerus

10 Jul

cristiano-ronaldo_1438003c(left: the founder of a new religion – the soccer SuperGod)

Is Ronaldo SuperGod? Perhaps Jesus spoke to a few hundred during the Sermon on the Mount. Maybe he carved up a dozen fish and breads for the hungry multitude but it’s nothing compared to the flock who packed into the stadium last week to worship the  first soccer SuperGod, Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s no need to feed crumbs to the masses, when you can feed them soccer strips, with the deity’s name on it. It’s a miracle each time a poor kid in Africa, or Gaza, or Tibet, pulls on a soccer uniform stamped with Ronaldo’s brand. They become part of the bigger whole, connected to the source of their escape, and slavery. Soccer is the new religion, the new imperium. Welcome to Pax Soccerus. The day of the SuperGod is dawning. Ronaldo is born. And more are coming.

Alan Black is the author of Kick the Balls. 


One Response to “Pax Soccerus”

  1. wllmhll July 11, 2009 at 7:12 am #

    if he was big when he was in manchester united, hes gonna explode at real madrid. no disrespect to united, but with all the talents all around the park ronaldo will be a lot better.

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