Hated…What did Becks expect?

21 Jul









(above: La Galaxy fans give Beckham the news…Go Away!)

Beckham’s return to Los Angeles was met by a galaxy of boos.  Expect to see Beckham playing for anyone in the Premier League within three months. It was an important moment for American soccer. Finally, there was enough pride to say, We don’t need no foreigner to make our soccer worthy. The moment will be looked back upon as the day American soccer grew up.

Beckham’s ego is so massive it can’t fit inside his haircut but the club has to take the blame for signing him. It was never a soccer decision. Branding should be left to boots and shirts, not players. The American game is maturing fast, fans follow the national team, and see victory. Understandably, the hostility from the American media forces the MLS to sell candy but those days are ending.


One Response to “Hated…What did Becks expect?”

  1. Juv September 21, 2009 at 11:16 am #

    I’ve got news for the Americans. Beckham wants to play in Europe so he can play for his country. He’s not a proud foreigner as you want to see him but a guy who wants to play in the national team. How can you blame him for that?

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