When Playing at Home is Playing Away

30 Jul


soccer_fans1The USA played Mexico in the final of the Gold Cup last weekend, a home game at Giants Stadium, with a capacity of about 79,000. 78,000 were supporting Mexico. In world soccer, the USA is the only country where home means away. It’s an indictment on the shallow values of so-called American sporting patriotism. The US fans who did show are to be commended for their bravery. Unsurprisingly, Mexico won.

Blame the soccer hating morons in some portions of the media that spend their time fiddling with their goobers? These jingoists would rather sit around worshiping baseball teams filled with players from the Dominican Republic than support a team of eleven Americans fighting on a true world stage for the red, white and blue. They would rather clap together those annoying plastic sticks that basketball fans use to distract shooters than wave an American flag in a game against Mexico? Or hold up signs that say, Go Whoever, handed out by some corporation patriotically exporting American jobs overseas? These so-called soccer critics are are a disgrace to the country, they are not patriots, and come the soccer revolution, they will be fried at the steak at the tailgate in the parking lot.

So, let’s not have these un-American slobs get away with it any longer. Soccer is the patriots game. That’s where a true love of country comes from, getting behind the national squad in a duel with another country, not clapping along to an organ when a team from the East Coast plays a team from the West. Get out there and roar for the nation.


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