Football Inception

2 Sep

You have a dream that you were at a party and the record player’s needle was stuck in a groove prompting the revelers to do the same dance move over and over again, for years, decades, eternity. Frightened, you look at the scores on Chelsea 6 Wigan 0. Chelsea 6 West Bromwich 0. You will never wake up.

Currently, Chelsea is top of the Premier League after three games. Yawn. Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal – the final standings next year. Yawn. You’ve fallen asleep and it’s only August. So to raise yourself from this football deep, you rely on an idea that had been planted in your head during the World Cup, an inception drilled by players with names like Mueller, Schweinsteiger and Van Bommel.

On Sunday, you woke up German, on the shores of the Bundesliga, free from the hamster wheel addiction to the English Premier League.

You watched a game between two teams you knew only by name. You knew none of their players and at full-time it struck you that you had watched a game of football. Explain the not so obvious.

When you watched English matches, you knew most of the names and mugs on the players. You had an opinion of them, sometimes admiration, and other times rank prejudice. John Terry of Chelsea is on the ball, you hope he loses possession and is humiliated; here comes Ji Sung Park for Man Utd, you hope he wings it and scores. Familiarity and bonding with individuals had prompted you to lose sight of the ball. On Sunday, you enjoyed anonymous players making great tackles and runs down the wing, midfield battles seemed like slogs instead of player appreciation sessions. Had you watched Manchester United, you would have been preoccupied with whether Wayne Rooney had a good game.

You’ve learned a lesson. Switch leagues every few years and start again. Soccer will seem like a brand new baby. Bright, bouncy, and ready to keep you up at night wondering how to properly pronounce the fabulous new names of teams and players. And you get to support a new team – St.Pauli of Hamburg, Germany’s coolest soccer outfit – and begin the process of making players belong to you. In a few years, once you start to miss the actual football, it will be time to nudge the needle and find a new groove, another dream.


3 Responses to “Football Inception”

  1. Rob Carey September 14, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    St Pauli! I love those guys, I watched a game last week and the camera panned along the home fans behind the goal. All along the front of the stand they had put up flower boxes with plants in them.

  2. Vaclav October 11, 2010 at 2:18 pm #


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  3. goalkeeper training surrey October 14, 2010 at 11:58 pm #

    Maybe with the financial mess of the big clubs, we won’t have to switch leagues. Maybe they will go bust and ‘switch themselves’

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