Welsh Rare Bit and more…

1 Mar

Today is Saint David’s Day – that would be the Welsh equivalent of St. Patrick’s Day, noted more for picking daffodils than drinking with the leprechauns. In Brit soccer, there is one unique Welsh rare-bit, and this week he celebrates his twentieth year with one club, loyalty almost unheard of these days – they sing his name in the Welsh valleys, his sublime soccer skills run like poems – he is Ryan Giggs (left) of Manchester United. Soon, he will surpass the legend Bobby Charlton in playing more games for the club. Some say his statue will be sculpted and set in the grounds of Old Trafford. They don’t cast icons like Giggs anymore.

Old boy David Beckham returned to the Galaxy last week just in time for the Oscars. Watching the sun setting over Santa Monica Boulevard can be quite dreamy and one has to wonder if Becks is ready to step on to the red carpet in the near future. Hollywood is hot for Brits! Tom Cruise stars as the soccer coach who hires an English assistant – that be Becks – as they conquer the world, leading Team USA to World Cup glory, defeating Iran in the Final, and stopping a nuclear war in the Mid-East as the Presidents of both countries decide to settle the issue with a soccer game instead of pointy hatted bombs. Where’s the storyboard! Call the agent!

Speaking of great thespians, Eric Cantona, another Manchester United legend in the Giggs and Becks tradition, has taken up the role of Director of Football with the New York Cosmos. The Cosmos brand is alive and well and the entrepreneurs who bought the franchise name are hoping to add a team to MLS. First off, they will need footballers and a place to play but Cantona is already speaking of “revolution.” Known for his searching role in Waiting for Eric, a film by socialist film maker Ken Loach, and his philosophical oeuvres in the tradition of Sartre – “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea.”  With Pele installed as Cosmos club President, the glory days of American soccer are up ahead in the past.


2 Responses to “Welsh Rare Bit and more…”

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