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Iran – The Soccer Revolution

23 Jun

Watch it!

Momentous times for Iran, last week they were eliminated from participating in the soccer World Cup Finals in South Africa in 2010. During their fateful last game, several of the nation’s players wore rebel green armbands in solidarity with their compatriots fighting in the streets. Soccer in Iran is more popular than politics and revolution. Iranians believe in the sentiment expressed by the legendary Scottish soccer coach, Bill Shankly, “Life and death? Football is much more important than that.”

But under Ahmadinejad’s mob, Iranian soccer has deteriorated. The team’s play in recent times has shifted from a long thread of poetic nuance to subdued aggression, much like the grin on Ahmadinejad’s mug. Iran lost its stylish play, and some of the players resorted to out of character roughness on the field. Ahmadinejad acts like a soccer hooligan, he’s got that casual look but doesn’t mind sticking the boot in to his enemies. And the Iranian people know that under his governance, the nation has failed to qualify for the biggest show on earth. Even the Shah avoided that humiliation. It’s a national disaster.

Blame them! Ahmadinejad’s calling card popped through the doors of Ali Karimi, 31, Mehdi Mahdavikia, 32, Hosein Ka’abi, 24 and Vahid Hashemian, 32, four of Iran’s best players. According to reports, the four are now banned for life from playing for the their country, having donned the green armbands in last week’s game. And the former head of Iranian soccer has been arrested, an ally of the reformist movement. The clampdown on the Iranian game will backfire on the mob currently in charge. In the future, expect to see packed soccer stadiums in Iran, as the vehicle for protest. The soccer revolution can pack a whopping strike. Ahmadinejad would be well advised to have his revolutionary shin guards on.

In miracle news, the USA has qualified for the semi-final of the Confederations Cup, currently being played in South Africa. Tomorrow’s game against Spain, the best team in the world, is a great opportunity for the boys to show the world some true grit. ESPN has the coverage, get behind the team.

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